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The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a national standard-setting authority, was founded under the umbrella of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution in order to promote and guarantee that customers in India are supplied high-quality products. Through the issuance of "Quality Control Orders," the competent line ministries impose mandatory BIS certification.

ANP represents and advises producers on steps to be undertaken during the consultation stage as well as to seek licenses for products covered under the BIS. ANP supports in conformity assessment activities of all types, including, inter alia, product certification, BIS registration of electronic & IT products, etc. ANP strives to ensure quick and seamless grant of BIS licenses for its clients and provides assistance to clients across all stages of certification, including:

  • Review and filing of relevant documentation for preparation of Application

  • Assisting in pre-preparation for the inspection of the manufacturing facility

  • Liaising with the BIS appointed Scientist regarding conduct of the inspection and pre-preparation for the same

  • Visiting the Company’s manufacturing facility with the BIS Officials for inspection

  • Regular liaison and follow up with the BIS officials 

  • Facilitating execution and notarization of the final license

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