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About A & N Partners

Founded for the sheer passion of law and legal service, A & N Partners is a full service law firm with progressive and innovative approach towards client satisfaction. We at ANP are goal oriented. We concentrate on what we contribute to society – which is beyond the balance sheet and corporate ambition. We understand the potential of strong networks and actively nurture deeper, longer-term relationships with specialists, regulatory authorities and international law firms.

As our clients’ trusted advisors, we are responsive and proactive in understanding their needs to provide sound and pragmatic advice. Being highly networked, our success is driven by our ability to build relationships, break silos and connect across teams to find the right fit and provide continuous service across geographies. With a solutions-oriented predilection, we employ an international outlook to collaborate with law firms across the world on multi-jurisdictional assignments, ensuring unison in quality, delivery and efficiency.

Our attorneys have an unparalleled blend of academic prowess and legal proficiency. Our mission is to enable business by providing solutions as trusted advisors through diligence, responsiveness, innovation and collaboration. Our mission, combined with our vision, guides our actions. We take pride in our approach to work that focuses on understanding clients’ business and anticipating their legal needs (present and future) and provide pragmatic and commercial solutions.

We put greater emphasis on working in consonance with our values than on maximizing earnings. Earn we should, but with dignity and pleasure. Our team of highly motivated partners, lawyers and professionals deliver exceptional client service and expert legal advice across a wide gamut of sectors and industries. Our endeavor is to be proactive and exceed client expectations.

We instinctively take a fresh perspective on situations, exploring whether there are newer and better ways of delivering practical, commercial solutions to the challenges our clients face in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. Dedicated to rendering the highest standard of professional advice and expertise, ANP is a service-oriented law firm with resources to match. Our commitment to help clients meet the challenges of the new millennium has seen us enabling them to receive cost effective, value added and fully integrated services.

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