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1. IP Litigation -

ANP has an expertise in prosecuting and defending civil suits for infringement of trade marks, patents, designs and copyrights, Suits for passing off, Criminal cases for trademarks and copyrights, Anti-piracy measures, Anti-counterfeit actions, Appeals from orders of the patent & trade mark office, Writ petitions

2. Civil and Criminal Litigation -

ANP represents its clients in all kinds of civil disputes including real estate and property issues, partitions, disputes warranting mandatory and prohibitory injunctions, declaration, specific performance of contract, enforcement of civil liabilities, contested wills, probate challenges, breach of trust claims, inheritance and succession claims, recovery of dues, suits for damages and compensation and all its related disputes.

ANP provides a selective catena of defence representations in criminal litigation especially white collar crimes and crimes surfacing out of commercial, contractual and corporate disputes and other offences against the property including cheating, forgery, criminal breach of trust etc. and also medico-legal cases. ANP represents its clients in obtaining clear acquittals, anticipatory bails and at times post arrest bails in accusations involving charge of serious offenses.

3. Arbitration - 

ANP has experience and expertise in handling all phases of complex commercial and treaty arbitrations, including advising on negotiation strategy, developing dispute resolution plans, drafting pleadings, conducting arbitration hearings and, where necessary, seeking resource from courts, including in respect of appointment of arbitrators, grant of interim relief, challenge and enforcement of arbitration awards.

4. Regulatory Litigation -

ANP handles complex cases, where client’s interests are threatened by regulatory action or faced with compliance issues. It represents clients in various fora such as the SAT, Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT), Electricity Tribunal, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) National Green Tribunal and the like. It also helps clients in defending themselves effectively before various regulatory and criminal investigating agencies including the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Economic Offences Wing (EOW). It advises and represents clients in matters involving allegations of white collar crime such as corruption, fraud, cartel defence and corporate investigations

5. Commercial Litigation -

ANP emphasizes is on aligning litigation strategy with the commercial interests of our clients, while recognising time sensitivities. The litigation team also has transaction lawyers who apply their understanding of contracts. This zeroes in on critical commercial issues to be able to evolve the right strategy.  Its advice is tempered with understanding of clients’ businesses and the commercial exigencies that lead them to litigation. The approach is to devise a comprehensive strategy from the outset of every case.

6. Dispute Management -

ANP represents clients in mediation and conciliation proceedings as alternate dispute resolution. It advises clients reach amicable yet favourable solutions without reaching the door steps of the courts. It assists its clients in negotiations with the opposite parties and provides cost effective alternate dispute resolution services.

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