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As a growing firm, we are keen to hire and grow with people who match the firm's dynamism and vision. The selection criteria that we employ is not confound to academics and work experience but being suitable to the overall personality and atmosphere of the firm which is hard-work and sharp-wittedness. Being a firm with leadership full of academicians, technical proficiency and professional ethics are a mandate. We believe in having a transparent working environment that aims to add value and substance to the firm with every added personnel. 

Our interview process is layered where an applicant is evaluated by the team at various levels and this serves the purpose of not just scrutiny but also ensuring overall understanding of the Firm and colleagues to an applicant before he / she is given this opportunity.

If you seek to apply to ANP, you are required to fill in Applicant Form and follow due instructions. The firm shall revert on and indicate to you the status of your candidacy at appropriate stages of the selection process.


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