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1. Land Acquisition -

ANP conducts comprehensive title searches and due diligences across most states in the country. ANP advises on the stamp duty, registration fees and other acquisition costs.

2. Construction and Development Agreements -

ANP advises on the development contracts in relation to different projects including joint development arrangements etc., documentation and agreements with contractors, architects, engineers etc. ANP drafts documents in relation to sale/allotment of the units/areas under a project including agreement to sell, conveyance documents, lease documents, possession letters etc.

3. RERA Compliance Assistance - 

ANP advises developers on the compliances under RERA and supports for the registration of projects with RERA authorities, banks, financial institutions and developers on the compliances under RERA to ensure that the projects are in compliance with the provisions of RERA.

4. Due Diligence -

ANP conducts title searches with the offices of Sub-Registrar of Assurances, Revenue Authorities etc. and provides title due diligence reports and title certificates in relation to properties for the purposes of acquisitions, mortgages etc.

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